Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Free Online Learning Options for Entrepreneurs

Everyone can be an expert on anything. You can become an expert or even better, help your team, employees or colleagues expand their knowledge - possibly at $0 cost to you. Here are a few organizations that are providing classes online, and the best part is that they are legit!

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Khan Academy

The Academy is completely free and offers courses/degrees from various topics; math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more. The website interface is really simple, and this is by far the best option for full undergraduate degrees available online for free.

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Coursera offers courses and degrees from top universities from all over the world. Ok, it's not 100% free, but some courses are free of charge. There are 1000+ courses from schools like Stanford and Yale - The best part: no application required. They offer courses in science, computer science, business, and more.

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The focus of Udacity is to teach you to code. You can become an Android developer, a web developer, develop the next self driving car, or simply learn how to write in a coding language. The courses are comprehensive and several are created by cutting through companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook as well as Universities like Georgia Tech.

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Yes, another one to learn how to code. Applications in mobile devices, TVs, PCs (and now even virtual reality devices) have become so vital in our daily lives, and the number of candidates out there are so scarce (well, less scarce every day) that I am not surprised there are various options to learn how to code. Once you learn how to code, you might be able to create the next million-dollar app!

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Google Certification Program "Google Partner"

You might be interested in mastering the art of Search Engine Marketing. A great place to start is the biggest Search Engine out there, Google provides free courses on how to manage online marketing campaigns, Analytics and more.

Monday, August 8, 2016

5 Things to do Online When Opening Your Own Business/Company

We opened business in the steam of the recession of 2008, and since day one the question that we get asked the most is, “what are the most important, most vital online tools to get startups a jump start on their field?” While the most important thing to do before opening business is to invest time and effort (and sometimes money) on a well-developed Business Plan, once you have all that sorted out, and you legally opened your business, to most important things to do online when opening a business are:

Get a URL

I would actually suggest to look up URL names before you even decide on the name of the business, and this should be tightly aligned with your business plan. Choose the name of your business and make sure the URL is available, or at least some sort of it. Even if your website ends up being somewhat different than your business name, I think it is always good practice to purchase your company name so that nobody else can do it for you and then one day he/she will get rich on your behalf. One last piece of advice, unless you are opening a nonprofit or a university/college/school, make sure the URL is a .com. There are a plethora of reasons why, and I will get to that on a later post, when we get deeper into online marketing. But for now, trust me. It looks better for your company and search engines still LOVE .com's more than .net or any other. I use two websites to purchase URL’s: and Google Domains.

Get an email

The next thing to do is get an email with you own URL (yes, you need step 1 to even think of step 2). No "" accounts, or "" or "". If you are serious about your business, your product and/or your service get a URL and then get at least one email account. The first account could be a generic "" or "" if you are still unsure about putting your name there. But most important thing on this step, make sure your email has your URL. Most Internet domain registrar and web hosting companies already include emails or email forwarding when you purchase your URL.

Get a website

Hire someone to build a website of build a website yourself. When I first opened MundoWide, we based our business in opening websites on WordPress. There are a lot of platforms now in which you can open and manage your own website, some of the ones I have worked with directly are: WordPress, Blogger, Wix, SquareSpace, Shopify, Weebly among many others. Take a look at their templates and their forte, choose one and move on! Or contact us and we will help you build one.

Open social media accounts

Social media is not for every business. However, it is suitable for most. One piece of advice, if I may... make sure you follow through. We... I, make the mistake here and then and do not follow up. If you get a message - reply quickly. If you are going to use social media, make sure you are that: Social. Social media is a platform to engage with customers and prospects in a sense of conversation. Beware, a lot of times (indeed, most of the times) conversations might be negative. The platforms for social media have morphed continuously since they started about over a decade ago, nowadays we have Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, and Periscope among others. Of course I do not have to mention Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or even LinkedIn.

Get a CRM

You may say that CRMs are not online marketing... well, most CRMs now are cloud based, and to me they are considered part of online business tools, so yes, this one is part of my recommendation. CRMs are mainly for B2B (Business to Business) Companies. This is a must for you and a maybe for B2C companies. I have tried many - way too many - and each one has its charm. It also depends on whether you may use broader business services such as Office 365 or Google Apps for your business, there are several options available for you. Try a few, seize your needs and then choose one. Or if you did not like any, keep searching, testing and searching... and testing. Most CRMs have free versions, so do not be afraid.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Hello Mundo!

As we start our transition from a full-size website to a blog, we would like to set a few rules (mainly for ourselves, so as to not lose focus) on what we will share here:

1) The blog is destined pure and solely to cloud-based business services. We have tried so many online services in the past 10 years, and while there are tons still to be tested, we are confident we got the knowledge it takes to talk about them, and be right. Or you can always stop reading!

2) Personal stories are OK as long as we focus on point #1. We want to share what we think, feel, suggest, etc of a service or product, so expect to have an opinion in most posts.

3) Pictures are desired, Videos are accepted but neither is mandatory. We want to give you our thoughts, and sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words, a video 1000 pictures and others it's a plain waste of space. 

4) We will follow the blog posting rules of Writers Digest. It's kind of our blogging bible.

5) By the way, expect hyperlinks. You can trust we will not link to counterfeit websites. 

6) If we mention a service or a product, unless expressly conveyed in the post, it's not an endorsement. We will CLEARLY tell you when we are biased, but 99.99999% of the time we will be 100% free of endorsements (we need to survive, some companies can pay $1M for our endorsement, expect to see those, hopefully!).

7) Leave your opinion, we beg you to please, don't hold your thoughts. Of course, we will not tolerate profane language, racist stuff, using the owner of the blog's name in vain or typos. Well, using Juan's name is allowed...

We hope that by following this guidelines we will ensure we are able to deliver rich, to-the-point, simple and entertaining content for our hope-to-become habitual readers of this blog.

Until the next time. Cheers!