Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Free Online Learning Options for Entrepreneurs

Everyone can be an expert on anything. You can become an expert or even better, help your team, employees or colleagues expand their knowledge - possibly at $0 cost to you. Here are a few organizations that are providing classes online, and the best part is that they are legit!

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Khan Academy

The Academy is completely free and offers courses/degrees from various topics; math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more. The website interface is really simple, and this is by far the best option for full undergraduate degrees available online for free.

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Coursera offers courses and degrees from top universities from all over the world. Ok, it's not 100% free, but some courses are free of charge. There are 1000+ courses from schools like Stanford and Yale - The best part: no application required. They offer courses in science, computer science, business, and more.

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The focus of Udacity is to teach you to code. You can become an Android developer, a web developer, develop the next self driving car, or simply learn how to write in a coding language. The courses are comprehensive and several are created by cutting through companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook as well as Universities like Georgia Tech.

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Yes, another one to learn how to code. Applications in mobile devices, TVs, PCs (and now even virtual reality devices) have become so vital in our daily lives, and the number of candidates out there are so scarce (well, less scarce every day) that I am not surprised there are various options to learn how to code. Once you learn how to code, you might be able to create the next million-dollar app!

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Google Certification Program "Google Partner"

You might be interested in mastering the art of Search Engine Marketing. A great place to start is the biggest Search Engine out there, Google provides free courses on how to manage online marketing campaigns, Analytics and more.