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Hello, Mundo!

As we start our blog, we would like to set a few rules (mainly for ourselves, so as to not lose focus) on what we will share here:

  1. The blog is destined pure and solely to cloud-based business services. We have tried so many online services in the past 10 years, and while there are tons still to be tested, we are confident we got the knowledge it takes to talk about them, and be right. Or you can always stop reading!

  2. Personal stories are OK as long as we focus on point #1. We want to share what we think, feel, suggest, etc of a service or product, so expect to have an opinion in most posts.

  3. Pictures are desired, Videos are accepted but neither is mandatory. We want to give you our thoughts, and sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words, a video 1000 pictures and others it's a plain waste of space. 

  4. We will follow the blog posting rules of Writers Digest. It's kind of our blogging bible.

  5. By the way, expect hyperlinks. You can trust we will not link to counterfeit websites. 

  6. If we mention a service or a product, unless expressly conveyed in the post, it's not an endorsement. We will CLEARLY tell you when we are biased, but 99.99999% of the time we will be 100% free of endorsements (we need to survive, some companies can pay $1M for our endorsement, expect to see those, hopefully!).

  7. Leave your opinion, we beg you to please, don't hold your thoughts. Of course, we will not tolerate profane language, racist stuff, using the owner of the blog's name in vain or typos. Well, using Juan's name is allowed...

We hope that by following this guidelines we will ensure we are able to deliver rich, to-the-point, simple and entertaining content for our hope-to-become habitual readers of this blog.

Until the next time. Cheers!

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